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Everything you need to know about buying and owning a pool.

Pool Learning Center Round and Oval Pools


The round-shaped pool is perfect for those summer days of needing to cool down. This easy set-up type of pool is great for those families that want to make a fast water addition to their backyard. 

Round Pools Swimmer Learning Center


The oval-shaped pool is perfect for exercise and play! Families love oval pools because of their length. Our oval pools can be found in 52″ or 54″ each with different measurements and gallon in-take.

Oval Pools Swimmer Learning Center
Hayward Filtration Offered at Hesselson's of Elmira Heights, NY

Perlex Extended Cycle Filtration System

How the filter works?

Pool water comes from the circulation pump into the filter. Small debris particles are removed through depth or surface filtration. This mechanical separation of water and dirt help your pools stay clean and safe. 

Pool Videos

Watch our collection of video content to see our pools in action.

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