Back in 2000 my son was two years old. He would sit in the rocking chair with me and watch deer hunting DVDs and proceed to pretend he was hunting deer himself. We were shopping in Hesselsons and decided to purchase him a grunt call for his “hunts”. There were no grunt calls out in the store because of the time of year. Tom Hesselson asked if he could help us and proceeded to find us a grunt call from out back. He gave it to our son and Jared lit up like a Christmas tree and blew the grunt call non stop. Mr. Hesselson either thought it was really cute, or felt sympathy toward us knowing we were in for weeks of non stop deer grunting in the house because he let Jared keep the grunt call for free. My family has been a loyal customer ever since.  ~Kelly Raab

Last year my wife and I set out to find a hot tub. We didn’t know much about them and our first stop was Hesselsons. We met Tom Hesselson who was a huge help with all the information he gave us. We started the process of purchasing a hot tub from Hesselsons but we wanted to be sure what we were getting ourselves into so decided to wait. Almost a year later we returned to Hesselsons and yet again ran into Tom. He remembered us which was a big surprise. He remembered which hot tub we were looking at and even my favorite seat in the model we had chosen last time. Well, we took the plunge and purchased the tub we set out a year before to purchase. During our paper work session in the purchase Tom remembered I needed reading glasses for the contract and without a hitch left the table and returned with his spare set of readers. He was very helpful in all the information and packages available to us, never once did he push us toward the big sell or upgrades that we didin’t need. Hesselsons has gained us as a loyal customer. Thank you Tom!

I was referred by a friend to check out the HUGE selection of boots that Hesselson’s has to offer. So one afternoon I went down to the place where “It’s Fun to poke in the corners.” I went in looking for a specific type of boot. Steel-Toe, 8in. , Lace up. I walked back to the footwear section and was totally blown away. Aisles upon aisles of boots. I didn’t know where to begin. A familiar face poked around the corner and asked me if there was anything I needed help finding. It was a friend of mine Steve Langendorfer. We chatted for a few, then we got down to business. I explained to him that I was referred to Hesselson’s and that I needed help finding a new pair of boots. I gave him the specific’s and then he guided me over to the aisles where I could browse for the boots I needed. I was completely shocked. There were SO many selections to choose from, I didn’t know where to start. I explained to Steve that It would help if they were extremely waterproof. That narrowed down my selection to above 5 different pairs. I finally found a pair that I liked. Timberland Pro’s. I tried them on, along with the Timberland Anti-Fatigue Insoles. I was very impressed. Walked around the store for a few minutes with the boots and insoles and was SOLD! I also needed some socks. I was able to pick up a few pairs thanks to the Buy 1, Get 1 50% sale that was going on at the time. Overall my shopping experience at Hesselson’s was one of the best I’ve had in a long time in ANY store. All the employees from Steve in Footwear Dept. to Roxanne at the front counter, were polite, courteous, and VERY helpful. I will refer any of my friends to go to Hesselson’s in the future for anything they may need. All around, AWESOME job Hesselson’s CREW. ~Sincerely, One EXTREMELY Happy Customer!

I purchased my pool from Hesselson’s in July of 1993.  It is an above ground pool that is 24′ x 52″. It looked like the day I bought it till this year.  We had such a brutal winter that “it done the ol’ gal in!!”  It crinkled the wall very badly where the skimmer is and broke the skimmer.  There is no fix to it.  I loved my pool & cried at the thought of not having one this summer.  My husband & I will be saving up for a new one & you can bet your booties that it WILL be from Hesselson’s!!  No one can believe how great my pool looks for as old as it is.  Hesselson’s is top of the line!  I will be visiting them soon.  Love you Hesselson’s!!  ~Brenda Ward

We went to open our pool this year and the handle broke off of our Hayward pump and  the large gasket had seen better years and had to be replaced.  Paul not only helped us on the phone with finding the right part, but actually put in an order just for us and had it there within the same week.  It is the first pool store that has gone over and above to not only discuss, assist, and order the correct parts but also provide excellent customer service and appreciation for the customer.  Thank you Paul!!  ~Bernard Berkley

I remember when my father took me to Hesselson’s to buy me a used .22 for my 14th birthday.  We took the gun out to target shoot and it wouldn’t fire.  We brought it back, and they let us exchange it for another one and when we took that one out to shoot it would fire three shots at a time.  We took that one back, and the manager gave me a brand new .22 Marlin Bolt Action at the cost of the used one.  I am forty years old now, and I still have that gun.  I am now looking for a quality firearm for my son’s 14th birthday and will definitely be checking out Hesselson’s for that purchase.  Thank you!!  ~Brian Black

We have been avid customers of Hesselson’s for many, many years.  We always enjoy going into the store, are always greeted personally and made to feel welcome.  We have always been very happy in all of our purchases.  In April 2004, we lost everything we had to a house fire.  The staff at Hesselson’s went above and beyond in helping us to replace some of the guns, bows, and clothing that we lost in the fire.  They gave us great discounts and were just wonderful about helping us to get back some of what we lost.  We will continue to be frequent customers.  It doesn’t matter how long between visits, the staff always remembers us and makes us feel welcome.  ~Michelle Stocum

I have told this story to many and happy to tell it here.  In 2006, I believe, I received a Vita spa Jacuzzi from my mother.  She purchased it from Hesselson’s over 10 years earlier.  After it was delivered, wired up and filled with water, I discovered it leaked.  I had no idea about hot tubs, so I called Hesselson’s.  I believe we scheduled an appointment within 2 days.  Their technicians and myself worked on this for a total of seven to nine hours, pulling off back plywood.  With their troubleshooting the spa/hot tub was fixed.  I did live close to the store, and in my mind I thought I am still going to be charged an arm and a leg for these few days.  With time, labor, parts, I got my bill and it was a total of $125 (or close to it).  I was floored of how low it was and that I wasn’t taken to the bank.  I just thought I would be.  From then on, all my faith, respect, and loyalty went to Hesselson’s and staff with questions, parts, supplies, in all departments.  They are a good and honest small time business, that do not rob you blind.  Thank you for restoring my faith in all businesses but most of all…your business.  ~Adrienne Harnas

We have an above ground pool that is now 11 years old and STILL as beautiful as the day that they installed it!  We live on clay and rocks on a hill, if not installed correctly, I can see where the pool would have self-destructed years ago.  My sister, who lives in the Albany area, got a pool about the same time as us and has had nothing but trouble!For the little issues we have had, Hesselson’s has helped us out right away…often just handing me the part.  Thank you all for many excellent pool years…and many to come!   ~Christine Bezote

I just would like to let everyone know what a wonderful community involved store Hesselson’s is.  In December of 2011, I suffered a devastating house fire.  I lost almost all of my clothing.  Hesselson’s stepped to the plate and donated generously to help me, with many articles of clothing and shoes.  I will never forget them!!!  ~Jackie McAtee

I recently had a problem with a hot tub that I had for many years.  I assumed that it could not be fixed and that the parts would not be available because of the age of the hot tub.  I worked with Mike at Hesselson’s.  He not only had any part that I needed, but he was also familiar with that particular hot tub and how it worked.  He had me try a couple of different parts until I found the issue.  He explained to me how the parts were plug n play and easy to replace, which they were.  The hot tub is now working again like new.  Mike was very patient, kind, and professional.  It was a very good experience.  ~August Spaziani

My story starts with my 14 year old son, Andrew, falling in love with Hesselson’s several years ago.  I have purchased several guns for him from Hesselson’s over the years.  Each time we went in to put money down or check out the latest gun he “had to have”, we were recognized and addressed by name.  Paul (and all the guys) in the firearms department took Andrew under their wing at every visit.  They always asked what his plans were for the upcoming season, gave him advice on the gun he was looking at at the time, and even learned some tips from him (the young teenage hunter)!  Now that Andrew is old enough to purchase his own guns, I miss stopping in and feeling like I am part of the Hesselson’s family.  I just want Paul and his co-workers to know that he touched a part of my son’s life growing up.  Hesselson’s staff are friendly, welcoming, positive role-models for young hunters.  Thank you for the memories.  ~Pauline Conroy

Every time I go to Hesselson’s the staff there is very helpful.  I was on my home from work, and my friends wanted to go four-wheeling.  I stopped into Hesselson’s to grab some affordable clothing to wear so I didn’t have to drive all the way home, which was 20 minutes the other way from where I was and where my friends were.  I asked the one lady that was helping me if I could buy the two items and then wear them out so that I would be ready to go and she said   there was no problem!  Thanks so much for not being like a corporate store which I would never go to unless they had something you didn’t!  I am proud to give my business to you! ~Ashley Ward

Being a first time hunter, I really did not know how to go about buying my license.  Your helpful and knowledgeable staff walked me through it and because of that I will be a lifetime customer.  ~Andrew Kingsley

My husband and I came to Hesselson’s to prepare and buy the items we needed to go on a once in a lifetime hunting trip to Colorado.  The staff were very knowledgeable and helped us find the items we needed.  I am proud to say the items we purchased at Hesselson’s helped me stalk and bring down my 6’x 6′ 750 pound bull elk! 🙂   ~Charity Rose

We recently, end of October 2014, purchased a hot tub from your store.  We are more than pleased with the whole experience.  From walking in the store until delivery, you made it a pleasurable experience.  Even though there was a mix up with the delivery schedule, you made it right and delivered the next day.  The set up guys were great.  We already have recommended you to a couple of friends.  I can’t wait to come back and “poke in the corners”!!!  ~Cindy Gregrow

I have been an avid shopper at Hesselson’s for many years.  It never ceases to amaze me the different products they have in their store.  I shop some major sporting goods stores also but do not find the right prices or quality goods that I do here.  They also carry more women’s camo clothing than others.  I also enjoy being able to find an employee eager to help me when I need advice or even help in my selection.  These other major stores do not offer this kind of help.  You’re lucky to find an employee.  I have found some really great products and have had a lot of people comment on them wanting to know where I got them.  It goes to show you do not need to go to major stores to get great products.  This store carries more products than you can imagine and their sales are great, too.  I love to shop here, and I hope others will take the time to shop in the corners of Hesselson’s.  You won’t regret it.  ~Debra Wasicki

My story is simple and proves a major point in todays local small business world. Recently I decided to pull out my old Marlin 60 .22 rifle that has been sitting un-cleaned, pitted, and all gummed up. This gun has special meaning to me, it was given as a gift 20+ years ago and its a gun I will never get rid of except for when I pass it down to my son in the next year or so. I broke it down, cleaned it, and completely revamped it. I now needed to find a scope within a reasonable price range to fit both my needs and the gun. Like many of us, and I am just as guilty, we sometimes see the major ads and “know all” of the big box retailers and head to their store fronts. Excited I was, as I entered the “scope section” of this box chain. From there on I grew more and more frustrated and flat out saddened. I could not get any help…regardless of the 10+ employees that walked by and ignored me. I headed to the counter, where I was told someone would be with me in a minute (fair enough) – 20 minutes rolls by and FINALLY, yes FINALLY the same guy that had been walking circles around this section came over to “help”. I had explained my situation regarding the gun, its sentimental value to me, and what I was looking to do with passing it down. My story was ignored and instead I was pushed to buy a new .22; After explaining over and over I was just there for a scope, I was hopeful this associate would lead me in the right direction….I was lead to the most high end scopes available at this store and quite frankly, I don’t believe this gentleman knew a scope from his elbow. Being frustrated, confused, and extremely disappointed with what I hoped would be a fun filled trip, I left. 20 minutes later I pull into your store. I was greeted by a friendly staff from the moment I opened the front door until I made it to the gun counter. As I approached the counter, it was BUSY!!! I made my way around to t! he scope s and was instantly greeted and asked how they could help me. I again, explained my marlin 60 story and what I was looking to accomplish. The tall older gentleman was extremely eager to help and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable .(this got my excitement going again). after a few moments of Q&A, this gentleman had the new scope on my .22 rifle and bore sighted it for me. (this was great) To sum up my “story”, there is a lot to be said about Hesselson’s and other local businesses! After being “beat up” at a “big box” ….Hesselsons and staff took the time figure out my wants and needs and most importantly, they listened to my wants and needs! KUDOS TO HESSELSONS AND STAFF for providing exceptional service and knowledge! You have changed my shopping habits with such a minimal purchase. Thank you for listening and letting this Marlin 60 live on for another 20+ years! ~RM (Ryan Marsh)

My Hesselsons “story” began in my childhood in the early 1970’s. As a young child you were the “Mecca” of toy lands. The rows and isles stacked high in the store were larger than life to me. Every toy I could ever want was there. I know all my Christmas toys were on layaway each year and I just loved imagining what I would be getting. As I grew older my families Passion for the outdoors brought me to the outdoor sections, tagging along with my father and grandfather. Whether it was fishing gear for the annual trips to PA opening trout season or watching dad and grandpa buy guns that are, in many cases, in my gun cabinet now.
I know both pools dad put up at our house were from the “pool” department.
The story starred chuck Drake in the Heights and Paul Perine at southport and even for a stint in Hornell. I have continued the family tradition to this day making weekly stops in to just talk or check out what is new on the “used” gun rack. I continue to spend the majority of my money locally at the “corners it is so fun to poke in”. My family has grown and our pool was purchased and is maintained with the help of your staff.
My professional life has also included Hesselsons as your large In ground pool filters are a key component of my aquaculture program at GST BOCES. I was very pleased just this past year when I had a pump fail in our system and a quick call to the store and there was one waiting for me within the five minutes it took me to get there. That service and local access saved over 600 trout that eventually were stocked in local streams.
So as you can tell my story is more than a story it is my life with Hesselsons.  ~Matt


I always find what I want when I want it and the people that work here are great. I lost one of my gloves this year in early Feb. I walked in found the perfect gloves. I even got a second pair since they were on sale. I have shopped here for the past 12 years and I never have been dissatisfied with the product or the service. ~Nancy Shallick