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Even if you take meticulous care of your spa cover, at some point, you’ll probably need a replacement hot tub cover. Take a close look at it. Does it lie flat over your spa or sag in the center? Is the vinyl torn, punctured or cracked? When it’s time to buy a replacement spa cover, you want one that’s well-made and durable. You’ll find that and more at Hesselson’s.

You have a lot of choices for your replacement, but Hesselson’s has the best hot tub covers to choose from. Looking for a replacement Hot Springs hot tub cover? We’ve got you covered. We also carry a wide variety of custom covers to fit the length, width and radius of your corner and can special order your cover in a variety of colors as well.

The right replacement hot tub cover will save you money on your energy bill by holding in the heat. With a tight seal, you will save money on your water bill as well, since less water is lost to evaporation. Plus, each replacement spa cover is reinforced, with adjustable straps making it easy to safely secure the spa cover. Each Hot Spring hot tub cover is also UL-classified in accordance with ASTM safety standards and includes child-safety locks for extra protection.

We carry a complete line of hot tub chemicals for your hot tub / spa including:

  • Water Balancers
  • Clarifiers
  • Shock
  • Oxy-Shock
  • Metal Treatments
  • Bromine Tablets
  • And Much Much More

Shop Our Hot Tub and Spa Accessories

Have you heard about the hotspot for spa accessories and hot tub equipment? It’s Hesselson’s – New York’s renowned hot tub dealers who carry anything you could ever need for consistently enjoyable hot tub experiences.

Hot Tub Covers and Lifts

Whether you’re looking for a custom cover, steps, or a hot tub cover lift for easier spa use, we’re here to make your shopping experience even easier. Browse our selection of spa and hot tub covers in our Elmira Heights NY store or call us for a quote over the phone with the length, width, and radius of your corner. We can also special order your cover in a variety of colors and materials.

The best hot tub experience demands the top accessories. If you need to upgrade or replace your existing equipment or you’re looking for something completely new, our spa experts are here to help. Browse our stock, including:

  • Hot Tub Cover Lift
  • Replacement Hot Tub Covers
  • Hand Rails
  • Deluxe 3-Tiered Steps with Double Grab Rails
  • Spa Umbrellas
  • Spa Pads
  • Spa Booster Seats
  • Spa Caddies
  • And Much, Much More
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