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You can’t just dress however you like when you’re hunting in the cold weather. That’s why having the best cold weather hunting gear and following other tried and tested tips like packing on the calories can really help keep you in the game and not freezing. Focus on the game and fowl instead of your cold toes with these tips to stay warm when hunting in the bitter cold!

#1- Don’t Shower the Night Before Your Hunt
A nice hot shower will open your pores making you more prone to losing heat as you’re out on the hunt.

#2- Calories, Calories, Calories!
Now is the time to eat my friend! Pack on the carbs and fats and make sure your body is properly fueled and ready for the cold weather hunt. Be sure to avoid spicy foods that might cause you to sweat and lose that desperately needed body heat!

 #3- Stay Away From Cotton…Mostly
A little cotton ball between those toes will keep you warm but on your body when you’re layering for hunting, stick to fleece materials. Your skin needs every bit of heat it can get!

Layering For Hunting: Cold Weather Hunting Clothes & More

Now is not the time to play around with poor choice in clothing! You need the right cold weather hunting clothes to keep you warm on that hunt or you could end up having a terrible time—and losing a finger or toe or two!

When you’re layering for hunting, try these cold weather hunting gear items and tips:

  • Protect from rain and wind with rain gear suitable for hunting
  • Hand warmers—don’t forget them!
  • Layer up—a thermal shirt underneath a wool or fleece shirt will bring on the warmth and make sure to wear thermal pants as well
  • For your neck, try a neck gaitor or a fleece scarf
  • Wick, wick and more wicking…good quality hunting clothes will have wicking to keep you warm and keep heat in, while also keeping out water
  • A hat and gloves


Warmest Hunting Boots & Last Few Items

Let’s not forget that as you are preparing for a cold weather hunt, you should buy hunting clothes, gear, and the warmest hunting boots from reputable brands at a reputable store. You want someone that can help you find the best products at the best price so you can hunt feeling as warm and comfortable as possible.

Some brands popular with hunters that are known for performing well in all weather conditions are:

Under Armour, Scent lok, Browning, Gamehide and other brands.

And while you’re getting your body suited up, let’s not forget that buying hunting boots is a smart invest for any hunter from the novice to the experienced. You must keep your feet warm and protected, so this is one investment you should make as a hunter.

The bottom line is though that as you hunt more and more in the cold weather, you will learn what works for you, your body and your hunting style to keep you warm and on target the whole time. Talk to other hunters as well to get their feedback on staying nice and toasty during a hunt.

Happy hunting!