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It’s easy to stay inside and hibernate when the temperatures drop, but have you given any thought to enjoying hot tubs in the winter? Using a hydrotherapy tub in the winter not only feels relaxing, it comes with many other special advantages. If you’ve followed the right steps for winterizing hot tubs, you can enjoy your tub year-round.

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Hot Tub in Winter

Buy a quality hot tub cover. A well-made hot tub cover for an outdoor hot tub is well-insulated with a tight-fitting seal. Purchase a high-quality cover in good condition and your spa will maintain a consistently high temperature, even during stormy weather. Check water level often. Take a look at your water level frequently and be sure to add more as needed. Let the water level fall too low and you could find yourself with frozen components, which can damage your tub. Change your water. Your hydrotherapy tub is probably due for water change during winter. Consider winterizing hot tubs earlier in the year to avoid the water freezing and damaging your tub. Maintain clean water. requires your water to stay clean with your filters are maintained. Your cover should help to keep out debris and leaves, but subzero temperatures can invite a host of more complicated issues to fix. Use jets less. Because you’re likely using your spa less in the winter, be sure to turn them off when not in use. They work by blowing air into the water, and that air is super-cold in the winter months. While using hot tubs in the winter is enjoyable and relaxing, you must be smart about soaking. The longer you stay in your outdoor hot tub, the higher your body temperature gets. It will surely be tempting to stay in the warmth when facing the cold air but limit your soak time to about 20 minutes. And be sure to stay hydrated!