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Whether you’re looking to keep costs down are you’re eco-conscious, maintaining a hot tub is all about water conservation. Best of all, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to have the most efficient hot tub. With some regular care and attention, you can have the eco-friendly hot tub of your dreams.

All About Hot Tub Care

Regularly clean and replace hot tub filters

To keep filters working properly, they must be cleaned regularly so they’re free of leaves, dirt and insects. Check them once a week to make sure they’re in good condition. Most hot tub filters are simple to access and remove for a quick rinse with a water hose. If you see wear and tear, or cracks and damage, it may be time to replace it. You should get about two to three years out of your filter.

Consider a salt sanitation system

You can reduce draining frequency by choosing a high-quality water sanitation system. Traditional chlorine and bromine systems must be drained and refilled once every three to four months. Salt systems eliminate the need to add sanitizers manually to keep your spa clean. This not only makes hot tub care easier, it also makes the water last longer (up to 12 months!).

Cover your tub

If you’re not using your hot tub, cover it. This is integral to maintaining a hot tub because you can end up with water loss from evaporation and contamination. A durable vinyl spa cover helps create the most efficient hot tub by regulating water temperature and reducing your electric bill. 

Check for leaks

When maintaining a hot tub, monitor the water level and inspect the outside cabinet and base for moisture upon every use. When you drain and clean your tub, ensure there’s no rot or damage on the pipes, or moisture inside the compartment.

Reuse your drained water

Rather than draining your tub into the sewer, reuse for watering (non-edible) plants, washing your car or cleaning your deck. You can also use it as spa water, but it must sit in the tub for at three days without the addition of chemicals.

If you’re shopping for a spa and worried about conserving water, have no fear. Maintaining a hot tub with some due diligence will give you the most efficient hot tub possible.