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Summer means months of sunshine and school vacation. For parents, it means two and a half months of coming up with inexpensive, fun and inventive activities to keep their kids occupied. Kids have notoriously short attention spans. Even the most entertaining of activities will wear thin after an incredibly short period of time. As parents, the words “Mom, I’m bored” are feared more than almost any other phrase. Keeping your kids occupied with swimming pool games and summer activities is the key to enjoyable, stress-free days from June to September. Here are three tried and true easy ways to keep your kids busy in the pool.

Three fun swimming pool games for kids

When it comes to fun things to do in the summer, few activities prove more enjoyable than pool time. Here are three safe, inexpensive and fun games to keep your kids happy and busy in the pool all summer long.

  1. Pool Obstacle Courses: Creating an obstacle course in your pool is easier than you think and guarantees hours of enjoyment for your kids. Tape four foam noodles into circles and tie together with rope. Place these rings directly in front of an inflatable slide. Have kids slide into the first noodle ring and come back up and out of the second noodle. From there, have them swim to the other side of the pool. Each child can be timed, and the goal can be to see who can successfully complete the course fastest.
  2. Water Ball Pits: This activity is designed for younger kids and smaller pools. Take the same foam noodles as mentioned above and cut them into two-inch pieces. Fill a kiddie pool with water and these foam noodle pieces. Little kids will love splashing around in the water and foam “balls.” Parents will enjoy the chance to sit poolside and chat while their little ones happily play.
  3. Treasure Hunts: The crux of this game is simple and already owned household items can be used as treasure. An adult collects between five and ten objects that will sink and throws them into the pool ahead of time. Kids are given a list of “treasures” to find within a certain amount of time. The goal of the game is to be the first to find the most treasures.

For more inspiration for pool games, check out your local library for pool times and swim clubs. These are the perfect addition to at-home activities.

Kids Summer Activities Designed To Keep Any Kid Busy All Summer Long

For parents, the key to not counting down the days until school starts again is coming into the season with an arsenal of kids summer activities. These three pool activities are sure to keep your kids (and maybe the neighbor’s kids) busy this summer. Kids will love being occupied and happy. Parents will love the break they get to sip wine, catch up on a book or connect with friends.