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So many of us today are busy with jobs, children, house repairs, errands, hobbies, after-school activities and more that we are often more burnt-out than our parents’ generations ever were. Twenty years ago when you left work, you left work. Today? You can be reached via email or text. It’s as if you’ve never really “left work.”

And before you say “Oh what’s a little stress,” sit back and read some of the effects of stress on your body. You’ll soon see that this six letter word is more powerful than you thought and that stress relief is needed more than you ever knew!


  • Can cause headaches and muscle tension.
  • Lead to increased alcohol or tobacco use
  • Cause anxiety and depression
  • Change your sex drive
  • Create stomach problems

These are just a few of the effects of stress on the body.

Hot Tub: Stress Relief & Essential Health Benefits

While you’re probably envisioning talk therapy and yoga as a way of receiving essential health benefits to minimize your stress, have you ever considered the luxury and benefits of a spa? And that’s not a day spa, but a hot tub we’re speaking of.

When most people think of a hot tub they don’t think of the health benefits of a hot tub but instead, the luxury of a hot tub.

And while a hot tub is certainly luxurious, it’s an investment that will reap you and your family some intense hot tub therapy that you’ll look forward to after a long hard week of work and chaos!

Here are some of the health benefits of a hot tub that will have you saving those pennies for hot tub therapy. Thanks to the heat, water and massage factors of a hot tub, you’ll receive essential health benefits such as:

  • Elevated body temperature, which will increase your circulation
  • Reduced pressure on muscles and joints
  • Relief of any pains
  • Decreased anxiety

You can do all of those things without the evil side effects of medication. Think about all of the anti- anxiety medications on the market today. Can they achieve all of the previously listed factors without side effects? Nope, but hot tub therapy can!

 More Benefits of a Spa

Your hot tub won’t simply relax your aches and pains and relieve pressure on your joints, but will also be a great way to bond with friends and family. Whether you’re looking for some romantic couple time or a way to relax with friends, the benefits of a spa is immeasurable! Who wouldn’t want to come spend time in a hot tub? Being with people we love greatly reduces our stress and anxiety. What a great way to find stress relief than with those you love!

There are also certain medical issues that benefit greatly from hot tub use like the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Back pain and muscle injuries
  • And more!

The health benefits of a  hot tub make it worth the investment, all around! Do your research on a model that best suits your needs and you’ll be glad you put the time in for something you and your loved ones can not only enjoy, but also reap great essential health benefits from.