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There is no doubt about it: exercise is so beneficial, no matter how you slice it!

How many of you are running to the gym or watching those calories now that the warmer months are upon us? Exercise will certainly help you drop those needed pounds and inches to get “summer-body” ready, and will have you up and running after your kids, friends or partner in seconds as long as you are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

But even for you gym goers who already know that stress and exercise are two words that rarely meet, you may not even realize that if you were to exercise outdoors, the benefits of fresh air would maximize your fitness routine by far.

Why? Getting your body up and moving outside will relieve your stress even beyond exercising at a gym or on a treadmill!


The Benefits of Fresh Air: Move Your Fitness Routine Outdoors

There’s nothing like a run in the fresh air to get your blood pumping, heart rate up, and mood lifted! Research has shown that runners who hit the trails outdoors are less anxious and depressed than those who pound the treadmill, even if both runners get that “runner’s high.”

Being outside, relieves stress because you’re away from noise, typical environmental triggers like loud music from the gym or tech gadgets like your phone or iPad. And believe it or not, the EPA says that outdoor air is 2-5 times less polluted than indoor air, so when you move your fitness routine outdoors, the benefits of fresh air are many! 

Get Ready to Rumble: Outdoor Apparel by Under Armour & More

Once you’ve decided to get moving in the great outdoors, what are some activities you can do to reap the benefits of the great outdoors?

  • Hiking! There’s nothing like a hike to clear your mind, burn calories, and feel great.
  • Running: That Runner’s high is pretty special for a reason. Watch your problems fade away as you run off into the distance.
  • Swimming: Swimming is an amazing upper and lower-body workout, and you can drink up all the vitamin D from the sun!

Once you have chosen the best way to exercise and detox from stress in the great outdoors, than you need to find the right gear for your fitness lifestyle.

For Hiking:

For a great hike, you will need: water bottle/pack, appropriate back pack, the best hiking boot brands (they should be available in any local sporting goods store), good hiking socks, etc., are all things you will need for a successful hike, whether you are a novice or pro hiker. And keep in mind if this is your first time hiking, please make sure to research the best hiking boot brands and try them on in store, rather than ordering online so you are sure they fit well! Good hiking boots are important.

For Running:

Running is pretty easy. Under Armour has great exercise apparel. You will want breathable pants, shirt and underwear that wick, and come wintertime, running gear that will keep you warm without holding in all that sweat! In addition to Under Armour, Champion, Nike and Adidas also have good running gear. Don’t forget to grab a good pair of running sneakers.

For Swimming:

For a great day in the water, make sure you have sunblock, a swimsuit or wetsuit, swimmer’s cap, and perhaps swimmer’s socks.


No matter how you get out there, be sure to enjoy the Great Outdoors for some serious stress relief because the bottom line is stress and exercise do not go hand in hand—it’s the other way around! The great outdoors + exercise= Mother Nature’s Happy pill. Exercising outdoors can reduce anxiety, depression, anger and any other mood trouble you may have. Get out there and greet the sun today!