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Okay, so if you’re into small game hunting and find the idea of chasing down some rabbits a good ol’ time, you need to sit down and read up! There is no doubt that no matter what else you read on the topic, hunting rabbits with beagles or a trusty hound dog is the best way to go about the matter. Period. So let’s just mention this from the get-go. If you’ve got a dog to bring on the hunt, you’re already ahead of the game…pun intended!

It just makes it easier…but this doesn’t mean that every hunter goes out into the woods with his or her favorite beagle to hunt for “wabbits” as Elmer Fudd would say. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a canine to bring for the fun because, alongside some tips on the best rabbit hunting gear, we’ll throw in some basics to make your hunt for rabbits easier and successful. Read on!

Rabbit Hunting Gear & Tips For a Successful NYS Rabbit Season

If your hunting checklist includes the NYS rabbit season, well let’s get you ready to snag some of those cottontail bunnies!

Here are some tips and gear you’ll need for successful rabbit hunting trips:

Don’t be discouraged as it’s not that hard!

Whether with a hound or not, rabbit hunting trips aren’t difficult. Rabbits have so many different habitats, making finding them pretty easy and therefore, a good and fun hunt!

The right gear matters.

While you’re hunting for rabbits you’re apt to end up amongst briars and thorns…ouch! So what does this mean?

It means you should wear:

  • Thick clothes…think vinyl-faced canvas field pants
  • Sturdy hunting coat
  • A game bag to carry your kill
  • Gloves too!

And if you’re not hunting solo, wear a nice brightly colored vest. Orange is the recommended color…and protect your head with a hat too, like a stocking cap.

Where to find Mr. Rabbit.

If you’re looking for good spots to find rabbits, here are some tips:

  • Look for gardens, wheat crops, grasses, soybeans, bushes and saplings
  • Any field that is surrounded or bordered by briars or bushes
  • Check out blackberry patches…thick grass and weeds too
  • Irrigation pipes—you may find them nearby
  • Keep it thick—rabbits like thick coverage…thick foliage, etc., especially if out in a remote or desolate area

No matter whether you’re going solo or with a group, hunting for rabbits can be fun and a great way to get novice hunters excited about the sport.