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Turn to hunting stores for the supplies you’ll need

You’re so excited to get out in the wild and take down some game this year with a gusto you haven’t had before, but are you truly prepared? Have you hit your favorite hunting stores to get all the necessary gear and wear to make your hunting a success? Maybe you have held off because you’re not really sure which things you absolutely need to have for a great hunt or which things you don’t need.

Instead of fretting about what you need to get yourself out into that freezing cold, read our tips & hunting supplies list to get yourself out on the right foot.

Tips to Carry You Through the Season: A Hunting Calendar Can’t Steer You Wrong

Don’t forget to have a hunting calendar to plan your hunts around. Some of us are old fashioned and might just do a google search or farmer’s almanac to take a stab at planning the hunt, but for other folks who are tech-savvy, we go the app route. There are many hunting apps that will use the sun and moon to determine deer feeding times. These apps will typically offering mapping services, as well as wind tracking.

Other tips for a better kill count?

1- Try avoiding hunting solely in food plots. You’ll typically only bag young bucks as mature bucks are smart enough to avoid those spots.

2-Better yet? Don’t overkill your hunting spot. If you keep going to the same spot time and time again, you’re bound to burn out the spot and find yourself in a bad place. Switch spots a couple of times a week.

A Friendly Reminder: Keep Yourself Still and in the Clear With Camo Gear

After hunting for many years and helping other hunters have a superb game, one of the biggest mistakes hunters make is not staying still long enough to make the kill. Keep yourself quiet this hunting season by wearing good camo gear and staying still! Moving too much has lost many a hunter the prize kill. Patience is a virtue—and one you need to get if you want to come home not empty handed. 

The Right Hunting Supplies

Did you check out your equipment this year? Just because your hunting supplies were in top shape last year, doesn’t mean they’re still performing as well. You really ought to check all of your hunting gear ahead of time to be sure everything has held up from the previous year.

Also—a few extra tips:

  • Did you buy a great shotgun last year but used a cheap scope? Were you able to see well with the cheaper scope? We bet not. Buy a better scope
  • How are those hunting boots holding up? You’re on your feet a lot. You might want to consider buying another pair this season.

Be prepared for this hunting season and Enjoy!