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If you’ve got an above ground pool and wonder if you can make it cool like other outdoor living spaces you’ve seen—don’t fret. The old school above ground pools didn’t have much variety, but things have changed drastically! So, if you decided that an above ground pool worked best for your budget and yard, we’ve got some great above ground pool landscaping and decorating ideas that will make your yard turn into a peaceful paradise, or fun zone…whichever you so choose!

Keep these tips in mind as you design your backyard to your liking, with your above ground pool as the heart of the yard and fun!

Design Your Backyard With These Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas & More

It doesn’t take much—maybe some shrubs, maybe some mulch or rocks…whatever you choose, these outdoor landscape and above ground pool deck ideas will make your backyard a paradise right at home:

1- Walkway:

A walkway is a basic “yes” for the above ground pool owner simply to keep the pool and your home clean! But this is a real opportunity to add some style to your yard. Add some sweet pavers with a few shrubs down the path, and it will elevate the look of your pool from geek, to chic.

2- Some Borders:

Create a border around the pool. Whether it’s timber or stone with some decorative rocks or mulch, it will look great and add a nice touch to your above ground pool. Take a look at as many sample stone and cement tiles to get an idea of what would look best with the rest of your backyard décor.

3- Full Picture:

This should probably be tip #1! Before you go creating any walkways or borders, envision how you want the whole yard to look. Hit Pinterest! Do some googling. Do some sketching of your own yard. First, get an idea of the big picture and then you can dive into the details more deeply.

4- Deck It:

Based on your yard, a deck could be the single best way to jazz up your above ground pool. From seating to some cool plants, you have the ability to create a ton of atmosphere right there! No matter what you decide to do, don’t forget to add some plants around the deck. A few potted plants on any sized deck will also add some charm.

Unless you’re handy, you’ll want to make sure you find a reputable person to build the deck of your dreams. Make sure to look at this person’s book of sample work first…you may also get inspired by some of this individual’s past jobs for your very own deck!

5- Lighting It Up:

Why not add some lights on the walkway or the deck? This is practical—and also a great way to be creative and have a little fun with your outdoor ambiance.

No matter what you choose, have a blast as you set up the perfect outdoor living space for you. And if you need help, always seek your local outdoor shop for advice on how to make your backyard a little piece of paradise.