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For the best hunting tips in order to hunt safely and effective, the best way to go is by taking a hunter education course, and there are quite a many options to go when looking to learn how to hunt like a pro.

First things first:

The Department of Environmental Conservation in New York has a great sportsman education program, offering classes on hunter, bowhunter, trapper, waterfowl, and crossbow education/qualification courses.

The hunter safety course NY state knows best would be the one the Department of Environmental Conservation holds on “Hunter and Trapper Safety and Responsibility.”

This hunter education course is designed to help new hunters get a certificate that qualifies them to buy a first-time sporting license. From ethics to safety, this course is really great for new hunters. Every class is in-person, so there are no online portions allowed or acceptable. And don’t slack: your instructor may ask you to do homework.

If you’re looking for an online course, offers a variety of different resources and safety courses approved by the International Hunter Education Association, or otherwise known as the IHEA, and are all online.

These courses use interactive learning games, safety videos from firearm safety to hunting law regulations and more to build safe, ethical and successful hunters. Choose from a variety of classes on first-aid, wildlife identification, hunting techniques, and more.

Subjects covered in Hunter Ed courses include firearms and ammunition, hunter safety tips, hunting techniques, wildlife identification, first-aid, and more.

For any hunter safety course NY hunters take, another safe and strong hunter enters the woods!

Guided Deer Hunts & Hunting Tips

No matter what you choose to do—an online or in-person course, knowing what you’re doing when you’re out in the wild is smart and sane.

In addition to guided deer hunts, in which you can rely on the guide for great hunter education and information, try these tips in your hunter’s coat.

1- Assume!:

Assume every gun is loaded and keep your finger off the trigger unless you’re going to shoot.

2- Make it Orange:

Wear the right color: in New York State, most hunters whether taking out big or small game, wear “hunter orange” because deer as well as other animals can’t see orange or even red apart from green or brown.  So knowing that this bright color makes it easier for animals to not see you, you’ll be happy to know that by wearing hunter orange, it makes it easier for other hunters to see you! This means that your fellow hunters won’t accidentally shoot you or in your direction. So wear that orange!

3- Tree Hunting Or No?:

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of tree hunting. From being concealed if your deer are close since deer rarely look up to the disadvantage of having no mobility to look for a better shot, consider the position. Also, an important note: it’s not uncommon for hunters to have serious injuries or deaths from tree stand falls.

4- Be Fit, Friend:

Hunting is an extremely physical activity. Make sure you are in good shape, don’t smoke and watch your health, overall. Having a good exercise routine in place is a smart idea, whether it’s walking, cycling, weight-lifting, running or what have you.

No matter how you educate yourself, make sure you take the time to get the proper license and education to be a sharp and safe shoot all hunting season long! At Hesselson’s, we believe in safety first!