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Buying shoes is pretty simple. Generally, you find a style you like, a pair that’s comfortable and a size that fits. But when you have to buy work boots, a few more details come into play. From safety considerations to materials to stability, you have to find boots that you can depend on. Here’s how to find them!

Tips for Finding the Most Comfortable Work Boots

Determine what kind of work boots you need.

From insulated work boots to steel toe rubber boots, there is a perfect boot for every job. Knowing which type you need and where to buy work boots makes your life easier. Speak with your manager or co-workers to find out what you need and what works for them.

Find the right fit.

If your job requires you to buy work boots as part of your uniform, finding the perfect fit is essential. Wearing a poorly fitted boot day after day can lead to serious health problems like foot pain, back pain, knee problems and more. To find the right pair:

  • Wear the same type of socks you will be wearing for work when trying on the boots,
  • Try on both boots.
  • With both boots on, try walking with your natural stride, jumping, standing in place and other activities that will give you an idea of how they respond.
  • Be sure your heel doesn’t come out of the boot or rub against the back, your toes have about an inch of room at the tip and the sides of your feet don’t feel pressure (insulated work boots may feel a bit snugger, but they shouldn’t feel confining).

Consider custom-fit work boots.

If you’ve tried a bunch of options and nothing felt right, or you simply want the most comfortable work boots with maximum performance, it may be time to look at a custom fitting. A custom foot bed ensures your boots are made to fit your unique feet. They’ll fit your arches correctly, stabilize your ankles, and provide a completely flat bottom assuring your foot is flat and reactive. 

Always keep safety and protection in mind.

In the world of construction and other physically demanding jobs, there are millions of injuries each year. Some of them could be prevented with the right footwear. Many industrial companies require their staff to wear steel toe rubber boots to comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations that require staff of certain industries to wear protective footwear just as they wear protective headgear. For professions that put you in colder temperatures for long periods, insulated work boots can help prevent frostbite.

Visit your local sporting goods store to buy work boots.

With the ease and convenience of the internet, it may be tempting to purchase your work boots online, but you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you do. Many people post reviews claiming one brand has the most comfortable work boots, but your foot may not agree! The professionals at your local sporting goods store know the market inside and out, and can help you figure out your best option. Being able to try them on in the store with custom fitting options available makes all the difference.