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How many times have you heard the words, “Honey, will you give me a massage?”

Probably at least one hundred times.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had an at-home massage chair you could direct your loving partner to?  Yes!

Of course, then he or she might call you lazy but, when your hands need rest and your partner wants a really good massage and not your half-hearted one, a chair massage right at home will do the body good.

The fact is there are many benefits of a massage and that’s why so many of us, young and old, male or female, long for our tired bodies to be kneaded to bliss.

Let’s chat about these benefits. When we dive in, you’ll be ready to run out and buy a recliner massage chair because let’s face it: your best man or woman can’t do the job quite like that chair can!

The Benefits of A Recliner Massage Chair

First things first: why is massage so amazing? From the sensual to the relaxation possibilities, massage does things to our bodies beyond releasing muscle knots and tension and stress in our bodies.

  • Mental Health Benefits: if you have anxiety or depression, a massage will help you. A massage will decrease your stress. If you have life or work stress, getting a massage regularly is a smart way to manage your stress. Stress will and does impact your health. If you don’t believe us, do your proper Google research! Doctors and professionals will attest to this
  • Sleep, Soundly: many of us struggle with insomnia and poor sleep. A massage will help you sleep more soundly. So grab your chamomile tea, lavender oil and get a massage!
  • Body Benefits: relieves your muscle pains and headaches.
  • Inside the Body Happiness: got high blood pressure or poor blood circulation? Massage lowers your blood pressure and increases your circulation.
  • Give it a Boost: massage will boost your immune system according to Dr. Tiffany Field, founder of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine
  • Flex it Good: need some work on your flexibility? Call on massage to do the job!

These are just some of the benefits involved with massage and besides, it feels great! However, rushing out to a spa to get a massage can be timely and expensive. When you invest in a chair massage right at home, you can get your money’s worth at a drop of a hat!

Back in the day, a chair massage may have seem not as great as the human hands, but with technology advancements, massage chairs can do so much and are so amazing. The selection and possibilities right in your home have grown drastically. And not only are these chairs fantastic in your home, but they’re also amazing in the workplace! Reducing stress and offering employees a pick-me-up, these chairs bring much joy. They are worth the investment as the mental health and physical benefits massage brings to people are so abundant.

Do your research and see what the market has to offer on these chairs. Before you know it, you’ll be getting a massage every day at your beck and call…and no angry partner to beg either!

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