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When people think of NY, they think of the city. They don’t instantly think about hiking in NY and all its splendor, but those people are missing out! The reality is that NY is a big spot for beautiful hiking trails and if you’ve never gotten your boots on and took the journey, you’re missing out. From the trails of the great state parks NY offers to the Appalachian Trail that spans 14 states down the East Coast, NY has much to offer the hiking enthusiast!

Beautiful Hiking Trails in NY

From hiking the Appalachian Trail to enjoying the Catskills, NY has plenty of action for the outdoor enthusiast and hiking addict. Let’s dive in and discuss the possibilities of hiking in the great big apple state!

Lessons & Guided Trips at the Catskills:

The Catskills are home to the 19-mile Catskill Scenic Trail. You can get guided trips or lessons if you visit the Catskill Outback Adventures.

Mega Hiking Club Madness:

Do you need others to join you in your love of all things hiking? Of course you do! The Adirondack Mountain Club has plenty of chapters in NY. In our opinion, the more the merrier and safer…while on your hikes, especially for beginners still learning all about the “hike-life.”

Enchanted Hike Life:

If you like a little magic and mystery to your hiking, visit one of the great state parks NY has to offer!

Watkins Glen State Park is sweet with its 200-foot cliffs and a plethora of waterfalls makes it to die for!

If you like a little history, head off to Allegany State Park. The mountains are magical and there are cool old Iron Mine Ruins from the turn of the 19th century.

For serious panoramic views, head out to John Boyd Thatcher State Park for the Long Path and the popular and famous, Indian Ladder Trail.

Make It Rank:

Some people are obsessed with numbers and ratings. If you’re one of those people who like to brag, make sure you hit these top ranked hiking trails and spots in the Big Apple State:

  • The Finger Lakes Trail
  • Long Island’s Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island
  • Mount Marcy, the state’s highest peak
  • Northville- Lake Placid Trail
  • Breakneck Ridge Trail
  • The Appalachian Trail
  • Devil’s Hole Trail and beautiful Niagara Falls
  • The Six Peaks of the Adirondacks in the Saranac Lake Area

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is clearly a “biggie” considering it winds through the state’s gorgeous Hudson Valley and spans 14 states, but the other highlights are amazing and those aren’t the only ones. With a whopping 178 state parks in NY State alone, there are plenty of places for new and experienced hikers to enjoy.

Less Intense Hikes:

For those of you in love with NY state and building a newfound appreciation for hiking, these spots make for a great experience for beginners:

  • Stewart’s Ledge near Lake George
  • Cranberry Lake Preserve Loop in Westchester
  • Van Cortlandt Park in NYC

The hiking possibilities in NY are truly endless and magical! Get out there in your gear from Hesselson’s and explore all this state has to offer.