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When it comes to swimming pool supplies, there’s no better way to enhance your experience that with some fun pool toys and accessories. From goggles and noodles to beach balls and pool floats, no pool is complete without these oldies but goodies. The classics now have modern twists, and new and exciting products are on the market. Let’s take a look at what we’d love to get our pools!

Top Accessories to Snatch up at the Pool Store

Beach Balls
Isn’t it fun to hit a bouncy beach ball back and forth while enjoying a refreshing swim? Today, you can find beach balls personalized with everything from sports teams and movie characters to emojis! Your local pool store will likely stock a bunch of options that will add some pop to your pool.

Pool Floats
For those craving the leisurely, lounging pool experience, inflatable or foam floats are a comfortable way to relax in the sun. Today, pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, including rings, ride-on animals, and noodles, which are perfectly suited to an above ground pool.

Waterproof Speakers
Enjoy your swim to the sound of your favorite music, with a floating a Bluetooth speaker or Sonic Boom speaker, both waterproof and easily integrated with your smartphone.

Underwater Projectors
Light up your night swims with the beauty of underwater light projectors or floating LED disco lights. You can even find completely submersible lights that can be programmed to display RGB colors or set to flash, fade, smooth, or strobe settings.

Shop Your Local Pool Store
While simply swimming in your pool can be enjoyable enough, these swimming pool supplies are a great way to make your experience even better. Check out the inventory at Hesselson’s today!