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When it comes to hydrotherapy benefits, it’s all about your health. Whether you’re trying to soothe injured muscles, ease joint pain, or boost your immune system, these therapy tubs are like miracle workers.  relieve sore muscles, or bone and joint pain?

Hot tubs and spas provide hydrotherapy, using hot water to inspire optimal health and wellness. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians knew many benefits of these soaking tubs and today, you can enjoy that and more by having one of your very own.

Three Benefits of Therapy Tubs

Before we get to the benefits of therapy tubs, let’s talk science behind hot water’s effect on the body. Your body temperature rises when you’re immersed in hot water, which boosts circulation. Simultaneously, the water’s buoyancy reduces your weight by up to 90 percent, relieving the pressure muscles and joints. Let’s take a closer look.

Benefit 1: Relieve injured muscles, and bone and joint pain

If you’ve injured a muscle, suffer from fibromyalgia, or find yourself anguished by arthritis, soaking in a therapy tubs can relieve these ailments. Using a hot tub  for sore muscles and other musculoskeletal conditions is often a recommended form of relief by medical practitioners. Because hot water decreases the amount of gravity on the body, you may experience reduce swelling and less stress on damaged joints.

Benefit 2: Improve Stress and Anxiety

The stress of work, home life and health issues can have a profound effect on your mind and body. One of the most immediate hydrotherapy benefits is improved heart rate and circulation by lowering blood pressure, which helps to lower stress levels. The warm water also helps with boosting immune system function and promotes the removal of toxins, both of which promote relaxation. Studies have also shown that hydrotherapy can alleviate mental fatigue by releasing the tension in your mind and body.

Benefit 3: Improve Cardiovascular Health

Scientific studies show hot water therapy can boost the cardiovascular system and improve hypertension. The hydrotherapy benefits were so profound that many patients’ cardiac function improved with an immediate increase of blood flow to the heart. With your heart rate rising with your body temperature, you can experience the same effects as cardio exercise. This is ideal for your circulation and overall health.

Join the millions of homeowners who already use therapy tubs for injured muscles, stress reduction, heart health and more. If you’re interested in boosting immune system function while enjoying a nice, relaxing soak, consult your doctor first and then visit your local hot tub retailers.