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If you are like most die-hard deer hunters in New York, the off-season months of January through August can be torturous. But it’s important to remember that deer hunting is about more than the time spent from opening day to your last hunt. Preparing your deer hunting gear during the off season is extremely important to your success. So, do you have the hunting supplies you need to bag that giant buck or will you be heading home empty handed?

5 Things You Need for Deer Season in NY

Looking for the best deer hunting gear as you head into the season? You may think you have everything you need. Add the following items to your deer hunting packing list, and get ready to take your hunting game to a whole new level.


  1. Saw and Pruner

It is wise to always have some kind of a saw in your hunting pack. Whether it is a folding saw or a pocket chainsaw, you will find it always gets some use. You can cut limbs and brush that cause you trouble, or even remove smaller trees that interfere with your hunt. Carry along a small pair of pruning shears with your hunting supplies, and you will see that they tend to be a handy tool for trimming.

  1. Grunt and Bleat Calls

If you are a serious deer hunter, you know that calling a deer doesn’t always work. But when it does, it is certainly worth the effort. Therefore, you will want to take some calls along, including at least one reliable grunt call and a bleat. Find one that can be reversed to create a sound tube to blow a snort wheeze.

  1. Gloves or Glomitts

During warmer weather of the deer season in NY, consider using lightweight camo mesh gloves to prevent your hands from appearing as waving flags when you move them. During colder hunts, you may prefer fingerless gloves, known as glomitts, which have mittens that can be flipped back. Keep both kinds in your hunting supplies pack just to be safe.

  1. Camouflage Makeup Face Paint/Mask

Items that keep you concealed are important to have when it comes to deer hunting gear. If you are seen, you may not connect with the deer. Darken your face with camouflage makeup or face paint. Not sure you want to go through the effort? Use a face mask. Either way, it’s best to stay hidden.

  1. Surveyor’s Tape, Flags or Ribbon

Flagging is a crucial component to consider having on your deer hunting packing list. Whether it’s surveyor’s tape, flags or ribbon, it’s great for marking stands, downed animals, trails and more. During deer season in NY, this is sure to make your hunt much more efficient.

While it’s tempting to just jet right out to the woods once the season hits, patience and preparation is key to a successful deer hunting trip. Adding these five components to your hunting supplies and waiting until the conditions are in your favor will make all the difference.