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If you’re a deer hunter that’s new to the hunt or even old, but in need of a little shine to your game, you’ve come to the right article. You can never be too prepared, so we’ve gathered together what you’ll need to have, as well as wear, in order to take advantage of the best deer hunting in NY state! With all of the opportunity to get fresh game, you want to be sure you’re ready to go out there in top shape.

From deer hunting apparel to tools you’ll need to be a sure shot, we’ve got them all listed here.

Best Deer Hunting Caliber: From Deer Hunting Apparel to Your License

First things, first.

Before you get some solid deer hunting gear, do you have the proper training and license? 

  1. Take a hunting education course

 These courses will cover the following topics:

  • Hunting ethics
  • Hunting safety
  • Firearms—safety and care
  • Shooting skills—at a basic level
  • Techniques for hunting
  • State laws

Some states offer online courses as well.

  1. Licensed to Kill

Make sure after the education course is done that you get your license and are ready to follow all state laws to enjoy the best deer hunting in NY—and yes, there are plenty of great spots to hunt in the Empire State. The NY Wildlife agency will be the one handing out licenses, and they’ll also have information for you on any special license requirements and where you can go for the best hunting.

  1. Tools of the Trade

Your tools depend on what you’re looking to hunt. You may need calls or decoys. You may want a game camera with night vision or even a GPS system. You need to first decide what you’re hunting, and wherever you go to buy your tools and gear (always a reputable hunting specialty store and not just any old shop) should be able to direct you to the right items.

  1. Knife A good knife to clean your kill is also an essential tool for hunting. Make sure you keep your knife sharp as well.
  2. Deer Hunting Apparel & Gear Shoes/Boots: Good boots are important. Make them waterproof, make them lightweight, and make them go above your ankles. Do not scrimp on footwear because you need to be nimble on your feet and you could be out in the worst weather—from frigid cold to soaking wet and damp!
    Clothing: this is going to be dependent on the season you’re hunting…but camouflage is an absolute must, of course. You want to match your camouflage to the landscape you’re hunting in, so keep that in mind. There are many reputable brands that sell heavy-duty durable hunting apparel, so take a look at your local hunting shop to get gear that will last for a while.

Happy Deer Hunting!