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If you’re considering coyote hunting either because deer season is over or because you’re excited by a challenge, read on. In order to really be prepped for the hunt, you need not only good tips but also, some advice on mistakes to avoid (made by previous hunters), as well as the right gear to wear.

From your call to your location, let’s dive in on what predator hunting gear and tips you need to head out on a successful coyote hunt!

Predator Hunting Gear, the Right Hunting Locale & More Coyote Hunting Tips

First off, let’s talk about scouting out the location.


In order to find coyote, you’ll need to spend time scouting on locations first, rather than picking a spot blind, setting up and being disappointed.

Consider these things as you pick a spot:

  • Did you see coyote tracks there?
  • What about dens?
  • Or scats?

Keep this in mind before you pick a place!


Next, what about your call? Coyotes have heard it all. Some hunting experts suggest trying these tactics with calls:

  1. Using an electronic caller
  2. Using bird calls, like a turkey or woodpecker in distress

Head over to a local hunting shop that has real-life hunting experience, not your general store, and ask them to give advice on brands of electronic callers. Experts seem to say that they’re your best bet, as well as bird calls.

Gear: Orange Hunting Vest & More:

What type of gear do you need to wear to make the hunt successful?

  1. Find a good camouflage pattern—to do so, simply take some snapshots of the terrain you’re hunting in, and then try to take the color shades from those photos.
  2. Some hunters recommend trying a ghillie suit, which will truly make you blend into the background. They come in all kinds of backgrounds, too, even snow.
  3. A face mask will also help you stay hidden from your coyote “friends,” so keep that in mind.
  4. An orange hunting vest will make you visible to other hunters if you are going on the hunt with a crew—keep that in mind. Also, states have individual regulations on wearing hunter orange, so make sure you’re up to date.
  5. Lightweight cold weather gloves…the lightweight with grip gloves will keep your hands steady on your gun—and warm.


If you’re heading out on a coyote hunt, consider bringing a rifle…and a shotgun.

Both will cover different teratories. From close-up to far away, you can shoot at all ranges. Keep in mind that keeping a steady shot without shaking while chasing coyotes is not easy. So, prep and set up your shot with shooting sticks for your rifle…or a shotgun rest for your shotgun.


Coyotes may come in around you, even on either side of you. This means you need to keep your eyes moving—but not your head! Remember, they’re used to being heavily hunted and won’t give up their lives that easily.