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Getting ready to hunt in the cold, cold weather? Well that means you need to be prepared with some serious cold weather hunting gear, from base layer clothing to the best hunting socks…especially for us NY State hunters!

It’s crucial to be prepare for your hunt. So read on, and gets tips for the best base layer for hunting, as well as a few other goodies to help tolerate the chill while you’re out shooting for game!

Best Base Layer For Hunting? Keep it Dry!

First, one of the best tips we can offer above and beyond anything is how important it is to not work up a sweat too much.

Why? Game will smell you and…getting sweaty will then mean, getting cold.

So from the get-go, being in top physical condition will mean you’ll be apt to sweat less…that’s on you to maintain exercise and a healthy diet. We can’t do that for you!

But beyond a doubt, properly layering for your hunt is smart. Most of the top hunting clothing lines will having cold weather gear that’s made to keep moisture away from your body.

Here are some cold weather hunting “must have’s.”

  • One thermal base layer. Wearing this will help greatly
  • A heat back wrap—one you can wear around your lower back/midsection that you can wear either underneath or over your thermal base layer.
  • Wool long sleeve shirt
  • Best hunting socks—head over to your local hunting shop and ask for recommendations, but keep in mind the best socks will wick away moisture.
  • Hunting boots
  • Boot blankets—you’ll need these even with the best socks and boots
  • Hand warmers—you can even tuck them in your coat to add warmth
  • Beanie—two hats…wool and fleece—layer up on your head!

The other thing that will help you from becoming incredibly sweaty, besides top hunting gear designed for cold weather, is the right nutrition before you even get shooting.

To retain the heat, don’t forget to eat complex carbs that will break down slowly and keep you fueled, as well as protein.

Think of foods like:

  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter
  • Beans
  • Fruits and veggies

Avoid simple carbs that could cause your blood sugar to spike and drop, which would be a huge disaster for you as you hunt outdoors.

More Tips For Your Best Base Layer For Hunting

A few other things some hunters do to stay warm during cold weather hunting are:

  1. Some wear a heated body suit.
  2. Turtlenecks can keep your neck warm—and don’t forget a scarf
  3. Earmuffs—consider getting ones that are padded to protect your ears while shooting. Ask your local hunting shop to help you pick the best pair.

The bottom line is a cold hunter is a bad hunter. Get tips from experienced pros who have faced the cold and lived to talk about it!

Happy hunting!