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Laying the foundation for worker safety and comfort begins from the ground up – with the best work boots! As a construction worker, you may not realize how important proper footwear is on the job so you may be wearing low-quality mens work shoes. It’s time to consider your shoes as another important tool, one that will help you fight fatigue and work hazards, and accomplish the task at hand. So, how can you find the proper work boots to meet your needs?

Top Tips for Finding the Best Work Boots

From steel toe rubber boots to extra wide boots for men, knowing what type of footwear you need for you job – and where to find it – can make all the difference. Check out these tips to discover where to buy work boots and which are best for you.


Safety First

Did you know there are millions of injuries and illnesses on the job every year? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a staggering 2,986,500 non-fatal injuries and illnesses in the private industry with nearly a million of those resulting in days away from work. Furthermore, of the 4,600 fatal injuries on the job, 666 were directly associated with falls slips and trips. Safety footwear is an essential part of workplace safety, improving traction and stability and protecting your feet and toes. Visit your local sporting goods store and you’ll find a wide selection of the best work boots and mens work shoes that can prevent these mishaps.


Know your needs.

Manufacturers are constantly introducing new construction work boots, proprietary technologies and cutting-edge additions to the world of safety footwear. But if you don’t understand what type you need, you may not be doing yourself, and your company, any favors. The market features some remarkable products these days that take protection to the next level and as long as you know where to buy work boots.

  • Tough-Tec leather provides increased abrasion/resistance and is often added to protect the upper and foot.
  • Working with flames? Many manufacturers utilize special Kevlar laces for firefighting and welding wear that won’t melt when heat is applied.
  • Working in harsh and wet conditions can be dangerous and tiring. Don’t skimp on a rubber boots and assume that just any rubber work boot will do the job. Options like steel toe rubber boots are the way to go. Heaviest and most compact, steel toes are the traditional choice for protective toe caps. While your feet aren’t exposed to the steel insert, steel toes can conduct temperature more than alternative safety options.
  • The soles are an important factor as well and there are plenty of durable materials on the market creating outsoles that are long-wearing, slip resistant and protective.
  • Having trouble feeling comfortable in your shoes? Extra wide boots for men are a great option for anyone experiencing numbness or pain by the end of the work day.


Prepare yourself before heading to the sporting goods store.

If you’re wondering where to buy work boots, your local sporting goods or hunting store is your best bet. But before you head over, prepare.

  • Do your research by finding out your work environment’s requirements and what personal needs you have.
  • Shop for the best work boots in the afternoon or early evening because your feet may swell throughout the day, especially for if you’re on them all day.
  • Bring a pair of socks that you typically wear to get a better understanding of how the mens work shoes might fit.


Comfort and safety come first on the job site. With a little research and preparation into options like steel toe rubber boots, extra wide boots for men, and more, you’ll be more grounded when making the purchase.