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Everyone talks about how they should buy local, but are they really supporting that downtown family-owned business?

Maybe yes. And maybe no. Perhaps, you’ve heard that family-owned businesses aren’t as convenient or as cheap as those huge retailers. People fall for the branding of this giant stores. It could be a number of reasons, but all of those “reasons” are really myth. Shopping local, especially your local outdoor store, is so important to your outdoor passions, your community and you!

Here is why:

Reasons Shopping Local For Outdoor Goods Is Smart

If the outdoors is your happy place, you should be shopping local for so many reasons.

Not just because that money then stays in your community—hey that sales tax funds your community and the very necessary community services that you depend on—but also for many other vital reasons.

1- Who Knows The Area?

Does your local giant retailer know the in’s and out’s of all the best and worst hunting spots? Would your giant retailer know the local codes about building above ground pools or spas in your town?

No and no! Your local outdoor store will be able to not only provide you with excellent goods, but also with vital information you need to help you make the right purchase. Even more, a local shop will give you those hunting or sporting tips local to your area to make your outdoor experience even more spectacular!

2-Only The Best Specialized Products

That local sporting goods place most likely has more specialized products that will help your game, whether it’s in the water or on land! Most likely the people selling you these goods are also sportsmen and women too…

3- In The Loop

That local shop is in the loop. They’re sportsmen and women like you, seeking an adrenaline rush or fitness goal, whatever the case may be. They understand and support your passions, difficulties and triumphs because they’re lovers of the sport and outdoors just like you!

4- The Care Is Top Notch

Your local sporting and outdoor goods shop is going to give you the best customer service, hands down. Big retail is used to churning out product and people—each customer is a number. Do you want to be a random number? Or do you want service and expertise? If you want service and expertise, shopping in your community for outdoor goods or any product, is the way to go!

5- Pricing Myth- Big Retail Isn’t Always Best

Sure, big retail will have some really cheap deals…on some really cheap products. Cheap is great if you like when things fall apart, but if you’re a lover of the outdoors, you want products that are durable and fit to last through seasons, and not just a week or two—if you’re lucky!

Plus, it’s a myth: big retail doesn’t always have the best prices. Don’t believe the hype or better yet:

You get what you pay for!

Shopping local for outdoor sporting goods pays off in so many ways—both your wallet, your sport and your community. Shop local!