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When you buy a hot tub, you give yourself a place to unwind after a long, stressful day. But if you don’t know exactly what to look for, the multitude of features and options available could easily overwhelm you. From the size of each model to hot tub prices, you can make the purchasing process easier by taking the following five points into consideration. 

  1. Why do you want a hot tub?
    Hot tubs provide a variety of benefits. Some people seek them for wellness reasons—relieving achy muscles, lowering blood pressure, combatting the effects of aging. Others find it to be a source of enjoyment, a time for family members to connect, to spend time with the children or even a way to find inner peace. Many also purchase hot tubs to entertain friends, enjoy some summer nights and simply relax after a hectic day. When you think you want to buy a hot tub, place your reasons in order of importance so your salesperson can help you make the perfect choice.
  1. What are your options?
    A reputable hot tub retailer will have plenty of choices to offer you. Small hot tubs are perfect for individuals looking for the health benefits of hydrotherapy and relaxation. Bigger tubs with lots of bells and whistles are better for the entertaining type. Be sure to sit in many models and styles to see how they feel when you’re dry. The fact is if a hot tub doesn’t feel comfortable dry, it won’t when wet either. The right fit is crucial, which makes a big selection to choose from crucial—preferably 20 or more options.
  1. Service after the sale is a must.
    Today’s hot tubs are very reliable for a complicated machine. They’re easy to operate and enjoyable to use until something goes wrong. Most come with warranties to cover the repair costs but finding a reliable service department can be a challenge. Professional dealers will be known for exceptional service, and you should not buy a hot tub without it. Less respected dealers offer marginal service. When shopping for a tub, be sure request references, read reviews online and visit the dealership. Above all, buy local, so you can have support ready when you need it.
  1. Price is important, but only one of many factors.
    Hot tub prices are important, but value is even more important. Nobody wants a cheap hot tub, but most people are looking for a good hot tub at an affordable price. Beware of manufacturers and retailers who are clearly making a tub look better than it is. Features like jets, horsepower, seat number and overall size can be played with to make a hot tub look better than it actually is. For instance, one manufacturer may claim to have 3-6HP pumps (18 HP) on one 50-amp circuit. Not possible. Or how about the traveling hot tub sellers promoting “50 percent off for three days only!”  It makes you wonder… 50 percent off what? Their regular $10,000 hot tub is now $5,000 while every other local dealer sells it for $5,500 every day—AND services it after the sale! Not exactly a deal. Just like all things, you get what you pay for. Hot tub prices vary from $2,000 – $16,000. Pick a range that fits your needs and budget, and then let a local dealer guide you to the perfect choice.
  1. Trust is key!
    Finding a trustworthy hot tub dealer with a big selection is the only way to get exceptional value at a great price with proactive service. There are good and bad dealers out there. Whether you’re looking for big or small hot tubs, look for one with many years of service in the industry. You’ll enjoy your purchase for years to come!