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If you want to have your hot tub experience go smoother and quicker, have the answer to these 5 questions ready to go!


  1. Size – Is there a room restriction? Does it need to fit through the door? Even 2 people want a bigger hot tub for more seats and more therapy stations.  But will it fit?
  2. Inside or Outside – Where is the hot tub going? If inside, what are you going to do about moisture condensation? If outside, will it be on a deck? Is the deck strong enough? Will I use it in the winter? Currently most hot tubs are put outside all over the country. Usually outside is the easiest and best place.
  3. Lounge or No Lounge – A lounge is a place to lie down. Sounds good but lounges take up a whole side of the tub.  Therefore, you get less seats.  Some people float in lounges. Most new lounges are made to help prevent that.  When you have a big selection to choose from (20 or more) this helps cut the choices in half quickly.
  4. Price Range – Do not be afraid to talk price. If you don’t say anything, you may spend time at the $3,000 model when you really want something better in the $6,000 – $7,000 range.  Just because you do not pick the most expensive hot tub, it does not mean you cannot afford it.  It’s all about priorities of money and getting the right hot tub for you. We all know Rolls Royce is a great automobile, how many of us own one?
  5. Last, but not least, Why do you want a hot tub – Wellness – something hurts, Connection – time with family or just plain fun.  Let the salespeople know as much as possible for the best buying experience.