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  1. Use dip strips to test at home, but also bring a water sample to your dealer for their free water test at least once a month.  PH, Alkalinity and Sanitizer are usually things you can check for.  A good dealer can check for minerals, hardness and give you good advice on what to do next.  For example, bad PH can make you use more sanitizer, irritate your skin and eat up metal parts of your hot tub.  Your dealer can help you keep this in the good range with balancing products and good advice.
  2. They sell prefilters for people who know they have bad water. Maybe you’re on a well with iron or high calcium. These factors will make it hard to keep clean water. Using a good prefilter will take them out upon filling the tub and make it easier to manage your water.
  3. Everything that goes into your spa water needs to come back out. What do I mean? If teenage daughters go into a hot tub with lotions, hair sprays, makeup etc on, all that gets washed off into the water and then needs to be filtered out. The cleaner you are when you go in your hot tub, the less that needs to come out later.
  4. There are alternatives to chlorine and bromine. My favorite is a mineral stick.  Usually silver and zinc are in the stick. They are easy to use, last 3-4 months and help keep water clean.  Not all hot tubs can use these easily. Check with your local dealer to see if it is a choice for you.
  5. When all else fails drain your tub. Most tubs are 200-400 gallons of water. All tubs should be drained (based on usage) 2-4 times a year. New water is usually great clean water.